Program Requirements
Students currently admitted to a graduate program at the University of Memphis or another university and individuals already holding a graduate degree (MA, MFA, MS, PhD) may apply for admission to the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies. Students already enrolled in a graduate program are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for admission to the Museum Studies certificate program.
Students may not be concurrently enrolled in more than one certificate program at a time. (Click here for more detailed information about admission requirements. Click here for Application Form.

What to Expect
The Interdisciplinary Certificate Program in Museum Studies is intended to be completed along with a regular graduate degree program (MA, MS, MFA, or PhD) in a related discipline.

A total of 18 graduate credit hours is required.

Six of the 18 hours must be met by satisfactory completion of two core courses: ANTH/ARTH 7661 Museum Practices and ANTH/ARTH 7662 Museums and Communities.

Six elective hours will be selected in consultation with the Admissions and Advisory Committee and with the approval of the program coordinator (Dr. Luebbers).

Six internship hours are also required. These consist of two three-credit-hour internships: ARTH/ANTH 7669 Museum Internship. Each of the two internship sites will be chosen by the student in consultation with the Admissions and Advisory Committee and with the approval of the program coordinator. For those students already working in a museum or other appropriate community site, three of the internship hours may be replaced by a third elective course.

Don't Panic!
You might be thinking that adding 18 hours onto an already rigorous class schedule sounds overwhelming. Don't freak out! According to students who have completed the program the 18 hours fit in as electives for their degree program; the only additional work are the internships, but think of those as great experience for your future career in museums! Not to mention they will look great on a résumé.