Because you're super smart college kids, I'm sure you guessed that this section will be about Museum Studies Faculty Members and you're right. I can say that I've had the pleasure of working with these lovely professors and they are wonderful human beings. Don't be shy about sending them an email if you need anything; they are here to help you become successful, well-rounded adults!

Dr. Robert Connolly

Associate Professor;

Director, C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa

Art History:
Dr. Patricia Podzorski
Curator of Egyptian Art;
Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Art History:
Dr. Leslie Luebbers
Director, Art Museum;
Co-chair & Coordinator, Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies

Dr. Suzanne Onstine
pic_onstine (1).jpg
Associate Professor;
Director of the TT16 archaeological project in Luxor, Egypt
TT16: the tomb of Panehsy and Tarenu
Advisor for Egyptology Graduate Student Association