Article on increased job opportunities for museum curators in the future.

ICOM: The World Museum Community - more than 30,000 members!

AAM - American Alliance of Museums, free access to some pages, membership (they have a student rate) gives you more!

ShovelBums has job listings and field school listings.

Archaeological Institute of America has advice for fieldschool students as well as excavation opportunities and information on grants and scholarships!

There are some great blogs out there that Museum Studies Students might find helpful/interesting. Feel encouraged to post any others you are aware of in the discussion board!

Nina Simon's Museum 2.0 discusses ways to make museums more engaging and community based by applying "Web 2.0" tactics. Find out more about Web 2.0 and Museum 2.0 on Nina's blog.

Katie Stringer's Something Old, Something New (Public History and the World Today) has a ton of awesome information. Katie is a UofM alum! Check out her story for a sort of sample timeline of what the UofM Museum Studies Program is like.

Our own Dr. Connolly's Archaeology, Museums, and Outreach. "Discussions to more effectively engage the public in Archaeology and Museums."

Paul Mullin's Archaeology and Material Culture is a fun blog with a focus on material culture (duh) and it also has a list of other great blogs (e.g. Sexy Archaeology, what's not to love?)

Museum Minute is "a blog about museums for museum professionals and museum enthusiasts."

BEGINTERNSHIP has some really helpful tips for internship seekers; stuff like "what not to do on your first day," "balancing an internship with school," and even advice on dressing properly (it's important!). The best part is that Jill is a UofM student, and UofM students are pretty awesome, right!

Check out these Blog posts from Archaeology, Museums, and Outreach! Why Fund Museum Professional with Public Dollars? More on Funding Museums with the "Publics" Dollars


Don't be! Head over to the museum on campus and check out the Egyptian Antiquities Exhibit. It's right there, take advantage!


Google "Memphis museums" and make the rounds! See what people are doing in the world of museums, talk to the staff, learn about upcoming events, get involved! There are a lot of people out there who are interested in the same things you are. Network!