If you are currently enrolled in the program, other students might be interested to know how you're liking it, how it's helping you, and if you have any suggestions for prospective or current students. You can leave information anonymously or you can leave contact information (student-student communication is always nice).

Here is a link to an interveiw with one of our graduates Alexandra Pearson who is now working as the Education Coordinator at the Arts and Science Center in Pine Bluff Arkansas.

"I am a graduate student working toward a Master of Arts degree in art history and the Museum Studies Certificate program. I expect to graduate in May 2014. In the summer after my first year of grad school, I arranged an internship with the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art and Dr. Luebbers helped me to set up the second required internship at the National Civil Rights Museum. Both places were wonderful experiences filled with hands-on learning opportunities. In fact, the National Civil Rights Museum was in the midst of renovation. I was invited to observe designer and fabricator meetings, walk through the space, and help with paperwork, research projects, and creating educational content among other tasks. It was exciting to see behind-the-scenes of a museum undergoing such dramatic changes. As the summer came to an end, my supervisor at NCRM offered me a stipend to continue the work that I was doing. All told, I spent ten months with the museum as an intern and saw many ideas become realities as the renovations continued to be completed. In March of 2014, I was offered a dream position as Education Coordinator. I have a background in teaching, so this position is an excellent opportunity to grow in my field. My art background will also be utilized as I develop programming for youth and share in the responsibility of creating special exhibitions. The museum studies certificate program at the University of Memphis allowed me to network with professionals throughout the city and prepared me to succeed in the field." -Jody Stokes Casey

"I graduated from the University of Memphis in May 2010 with a Master of Arts in History and the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate of Museum Studies. During my time in Memphis, I was fortunate to work at several museums. I served as a graduate assistant at the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa, worked as a Social Studies Instructor at the Pink Palace Museum, did contracted educational plans for the Museum of Biblical History, and interned at the National Civil Rights Museum. All of this work, directly related to the graduate certificate program, led me to my current position. After completion of my Masters, I was accepted into the Public History PhD program at Middle Tennessee State University. I worked part-time at a historic house museum while completing the degree requirements. Because my base courses of museum studies were so strong at the University of Memphis, many credits were accepted at MTSU, and my coursework for the PhD was lessened. Upon graduation in 2013 with my PhD, I was offered a job as the Executive Director of the Blount Mansion in Knoxville, Tennessee. My first book, Programming for People with Special Needs, is a manual for museums and historic sites to become more accessible; it will be released in July 2014. The graduate certificate program at UofM directly led to my current professional successes; the interdisciplinary nature of the coursework and applied lessons pushed me to succeed in the museum field." - Katie Stringer (her blog is listed in the "Links" tab!)